Welcome to ACM SIGGRAPH VRCAI 2022

An exciting ACM SIGGRAPH VRCAI 2022 awaits participants from both academia and industry all over the world, where fundamental methods, state-of-the-art technologies and innovative applications in the Virtual Reality Continuum (VRC) will be presented and discussed. Virtual Reality Continuum (VRC) emphasises the coexistence and consistence of the virtual world and the real world. Spanning across next-generation info-communication environments like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Virtuality (AV), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR), VRC is key in the way we define and interact, with and within, our virtual worlds and physical worlds. To advance research in the VRC fields, ACM SIGGRAPH VRCAI 2022 seeks to provide a forum for scientists, researchers, developers, users and industry leaders in the international VRC community to come together to share experiences, exchange ideas and spur one another in the knowledge of this fast-growing field. For additional information about submissions please refer to the CFP.

Important Note: Due to the current situation of COVID, VRCAI 2022 has been postponed to be held on December 27th-29, 2022. Please arrange your schedule accordingly. Thank you very much for your supports!

Call for Papers

From Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Virtuality (AV), to Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) Virtual Storytelling, Virtual Production and Extended-Reality (XR), VRC covers the full range of ways that digital innovation is transforming and integrating with our physical world. Sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH, ACM SIGGRAPH VRCAI 2022 provides a leading platform for industry and academia to meet and share their latest applications, experiments, experiences and evaluations.


Ubiquitous VR/AR/MR

Intelligent VR/AR/MR

Distributed and Collaborative VR/AR/MR

Machine Learning for VR/AR/MR

Robotics and Tele-Presence

Aural, Haptic and Olfactory Augmentation

Geometrically, Physically and Image Based Modeling

Real-time Visual Tracking and Registration

3D Modeling, Interpretation and Reconstruction

Multi-resolution and Multi-scale Methods

Level of Detail, Model Compression and Simplification

Networking, Streaming, Cloud, Latency and Bandwidth Methods

Real-time Rendering, Image-based Rendering, and 3D Auditory

Rendering and Visualization of Large-scale Models

Procedural, Physically-based or Data-driven Animation

Avatars and Virtual Community

Real-time Rendering, Image-based Rendering, and 3D Auditory


Immersive Virtual Environments

Interactions and Interfaces

Collaborative and Interactive Virtual Environment/VR

Multimodal Interface

Visual Interface

Speech Interface

Haptic/Tactile Interface

Natural Interface

3D Enabled Devices

Interaction Design

Sketch-based interfaces

Social and Interactive Computing and Media

Interactive Graphic Design

Interactive Sound Design

Human Factors and Ergonomics



Architecture, Construction and Building


Education, Virtual Classroom and Learning, and Training

Engineering and Design


Video Games/Entertainment/Location Based Entertainment

Virtual Storytelling and Virtual Production


Geology, Geography and GIS

Life Science, Medicine and Healthcare


Transportation and Logistics




Clustered VR

High Performance VRC Computing

Large-scale Simulation

Immersive and Semi-immersive Systems

Projection and Display Systems

Active and Passive Stereo Systems

3D Scanner, Digital Mock-up and Reverse Engineering

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All accepted papers and abstracts will be published in the ACM SIGGRAPH VRCAI 2022 Conference Proceedings and included in the ACM digital library (EI-indexed). Selected papers will be published in Computational Visual Media (Springer), Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds (Wiley), Virtual Reality & Intelligent Hardware (Elsevier), Visual Computing for Industry, Biomedicine, and Art (Springer). There will be Best Paper Awards and Best Presentation Awards this year!


Important Dates

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